cosense labs

labs are time spent together, lingering in the possibilities of undoing, exploring, and not-knowing-

This is a project emerging at the edge of Covid times and with the need to slow down through illness. Since 2019, living with silkworms, learning with their movement and silk-making practices, and opening their lessons to artistic collaborations with friends, artists, writers. This project is figuring itself out in the sensing with others, in situated experimentation and co-creative play. This project has been in residencies at the ‘Direct Action & Art Clinic’ at the Hemi Encuentro 2019 (Mexico); at the School for Contemporary Dance & Thought (NorthHampton); with the pollinACTIONS queer ecology at the Festival rencontres-bandits-mage in 2020 (Bourges, France); and with the Hyphae Collective, a queer remediation cluster of researchers/makers in the process of making ‘mother nurture: a bio-social sculpture” during 2021/22 (Oackland/Davis, California ). 

Silkworm raising 2019/2022
Visualization with attendees at Plant Encounters (Bourges 2020)
Direct Action & Art clinic (Mexico 2019)
Silk lamp ritual @ Mother Nurture w/ Hyphae Collective
Mother Nurture
Casa Gomorra (Mexico 2019)
process at PollinACTIONS (Bourges 2020)

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